About Us

Who We Are

Village Barre is more than just a fitness studio! Our goal is to be a center for the women in our community to grow, love, and share with each other.


Planted as a small seed of compassion in the mind of owner Rachel Phillips, Village Barre came together in one of those “aha” moments. “I felt this calling on my heart for a while, but one day, as I was looking in the mirror and judging my own self-worth, I realized exactly what it was the Lord was calling me to do,” says Rachel. This seed of compassion for her community grew into a need to do more, to help more, and to be more. Rachel realized that through barre, she could offer a real mind body connection. The type of connection we don’t usually get in our busy day to day lives. This connection could help other women take pause and see themselves, and their neighbors, the way God sees them; not the way the world has taught them to view themselves.


To help women make this connection, mentally, physically and spiritually, we have put a lot of time into making sure every class we offer compliments our mission in some way. First, barre n’ pow{h}er offers isometric holds that allow for self-reflective sensory awareness. You will find yourself in the present-moment only, able to block out the world around you; holding postures in a non-judgmental environment where you can grow over and over again. Through tap n’ pow{h}er, you will continue your growth as you shape, tone, and elongate your muscle groups while your instructor infuses your class with messages of empowerment. Each participant will be encouraged, throughout class, to stretch beyond perceived boundaries & achieve enhanced fitness objectives. Lastly, our vinyasa yoga class is set to be a complete worship experience. Striving to deepen people’s connection to Christ, we will facilitate an experience that offers an opportunity, to believers and non-believers alike, to authentically connect to God through worship and wellness. Immediately following our yoga class, we will offer a 45 minute devotional time that allows us to come together as a body and send our focus upwards.


Outside of classes, Village Barre still strives, each day, to help grow love and community. We offer a beautiful and peaceful quiet room for you to enjoy anytime! Filled with serene sounds and essential oil aromatherapy, all members are welcomed to use the quiet room at their leisure for prayer, reading, meditating and more. We offer monthly clinics and seminars to help grow ourselves and see beyond our current state. These monthly events are opened to everyone, but greatly discounted to the members of our community. We also offer childcare 3 days a week for any mom who needs to come in and spend a little time with us.


All of our instructors are happy to lend an ear, shoulder, or tissue to anyone wrestling with who you are and how much you are loved!


We know that He created us to live each day learning to love our neighbors AND ourselves.


We believe Jesus is the way and that he does life with us daily.


We believe that the God of the Universe created each of us perfectly and in His image.


We seek to honor each other regardless of age, race, or denomination.