How do I register for a class?

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I have an injury or physical limitation, should I be concerned?

Injuries and limitations are always a concern whether they are old or more recent. Be sure to fill that information out on your profile when you arrive so we can update your records. Please let your teacher know prior to class. If your injury required surgery, or if we deem necessary, we may require a release from your doctor.

I am overweight and feel intimidated.

You aren’t alone! Our studio celebrates all body types and commends everyone for their own personal fitness journey. No matter your shape or size, our teachers are committed to helping elevate you to a new level of health and wellness.

I haven’t exercised in years, what classes should I take?

Village Barre is a mind body fitness center designed for everyone. There are a variety of classes designed to challenge the body in different ways each and every time. barre n’ pow{h}er, tap n’ pow{h}er, and yoga are appropriate classes for all fitness levels

Can I attend classes if I’m pregnant?

Prenatal Pregnancy Modifications:


We do not recommend beginning barre, tap n’ pow{h}er, or any type of fitness routine while pregnant; as you should hold a strong understanding of the methods prior, so you will be able to understand how to modify from the start of your pregnancy.


New clients must have a doctors note in order to practice while expecting at our studio. No exceptions. Our #1 goal is safety for you and baby!


Provided the above applies, we are very enthusiastic about training prenatal women and have seen many clients all the way throughout their pregnancy, including many of our instructors. There are, however, modifications we must enforce while a client is expecting.


It is of utmost importance that you don’t overstretch, as Relaxin, a protein hormone present in the body from conception, will allow loosening beyond what is useful for ones limbs, hips, and joints.


In order to avoid injuries such as Diastasis– the separation of parts of the body that are normally joined together- such as the separation of certain abdominal muscles during pregnancy- we ask that you abide by the following in order to keep you and baby safe.


Modifications for barre n’ pow{h}er classes:


As soon as the belly expands, women should never flex the spine. This puts unnecessary pressure on the abdominal muscles and can create separation rather than keeping the abs strong; therefore, from the time you learn of your pregnancy, we will no longer have you practicing: Roundback.


Round back is flexion of the spine. It is more effective to sit in Flat back and focus on the isometric contraction and lift of lower abdominals, including the pelvic floor. It is critical whenever practicing Flat back that the pelvis remains untucked and neutral.


Prenatal Flatback will exclude both legs extended, moving and especially lifting. Single legwork is acceptable; however, we feel it is best to completely keep the movement out of the legs and solely concentrate on lifting the pelvic floor. The use of a playground ball between the knees as well as accepting proper weight distribution in extremely effective and still very challenging.


Elimination of C-Curve and Superwoman: Good alternatives are Cat Back to Neutral Spine Stretch. Planking in a tabletop position is also a wonderful and safe modification to C-Curve. It’s important to build strength while being gentle to the ever expanding abdomen during pregnancy.


Rather than trying to maintain a parallel position during Foldover, you may practice a modified position so the weight from the beautiful growing belly does not lead to injury.


Finally, we feel it’s best to avoid any tucking/scooping of the pelvis whatsoever. Positions that call for a scooped pelvis (to remain safe during the exercise) are:


Knee Dancing on Diagonal: Please choose to practice this technique with shoulders directly placed over hips.


Waterski: A great alternative is High Narrow V.


Modifications for tap n’ pow{h}er classes:


Clients should consult with their physician about the appropriate acceptable heart heart rate and is encouraged to wear a heart rate monitor while practicing. It’s also encouraged to move at half speed during the Energy (cardio) portions of class.


Rather than Superwoman, clients should choose to stretch the spine by rounding into cat back and then coming into neutral and enjoying a hip opening wide child’s pose.


During the Glow (Vinyasa) portion of class, it is encouraged to practice slowly and hold modifications during plank and down dog. Remember that Wide Child’s Pose is an amazing way to stretch and alleviate tension from the hips and low back.


Abdominal work during the Radiate portion of class should be done on the forearms. You may choose to stretch during this section as well.


Supine (lying on the back) stretches during the Gratitude section should be practiced seated. See your instructor for clarification.


Release to Internal Peace (Savasana) should be practiced lying in a fetal pose on the ride side body or in wide child’s pose.


Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I’m not flexible, can I participate?

Absolutely! Most of our clients come to us with this concern. This is one of the reasons you DO participate! Muscle and joint flexibility is so important to our health, and is a crucial part of your physical and mental well being. Our classes are designed to build both strength and flexibility.

What do I wear?

Come to class in whatever makes you comfortable, but try not to wear anything too loose or baggy. We pride ourselves on the use of tactile corrections, so the better we can see your body; the more we can assist you on your journey toward strong form.


All of our classes are practiced in barefoot or in yoga sox (which are available for purchase at the studio.)

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?

While we provide both long and short mats for support at no charge, we suggest that you bring your own for additional support should you need it.

Do I need to reserve a spot for every class?

Yes, we ask that you reserve your spot online. Our teachers customize their classes based on who will be attending. We also cap out our classes so they don’t get over-crowded. If the class should be full, you will be put on the waiting list. Should you decide to add yourself to the wait list, please plan to attend. You will be notified up to four hours in advance. Depending on what package you have, if you are a no-show you will be charged $10 or lose the class.

Did you know 15% of proceeds from Village Barre are given back to both the local community and a yearly selected community abroad?


This year’s selected community is Monterey, Honduras!